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Day Swappers is an exclusive referral program for community members to earn rewards while being active on the platform. Day Swappers are the community members who help the Time Swappers platform grow by regularly creating new users and driving their community members to join the platform and perform transactions.


Day Swappers - MVP Launched! Register and earn rewards by creating your own community. Refer more, Earn more!


Day Swappers - MVP Launched! Register and earn rewards by creating your own community. Refer more, Earn more!

Day Swappers, are the modern age active members on Time Swapper Platform who help in growing and maintaining the platform by mentoring, referencing, community development, registering social connects as subscribers and disrupting the current freelancing industry. Let’s see how it works. Time Swappers is a blockchain based P2P marketplace where the community of Buyers and Sellers transact and trade. The success of the community increases with more number of buyers and sellers joining the Time Swappers marketplace platform.

Day Swappers plays the role of a community builder and drives community to join Time Swappers platform as active members. Day Swappers is offering referral program to build community. Grab the first mover advantage.

Day Swappers are design...

Blocklogy - MVP is Live!

Era Swap introduces Blocklogy - a mobile app based e-learning platform for students and beginners who want to learn modern technologies like Blockchain, AI, IoT (Internet of Things) without investing huge amount of money. The platform will be available in the form of dedicated mobile apps for both Android and iOS users. Andriod App is live now and iOS will be launched very soon.

So, what is Blocklogy exactly?

Blocklogy is an ideation introduced by KMPARDS, the seeding company behind Era Swap. The idea was to develop an online learning platform where everyone, irrespective of their age and background, can learn new technologies and create futuristic applications for the betterment of the world. This ideation what you are seeing today in the form of Blocklogy app.

With Blocklogy, KMPARDS wants to educate the youth with the concepts of blockchain to enable them to create blockchain programs and applications for the increasing de...

All the features you need to know about Era Swap Wallet

Era Swap is a peer-to-peer ecosystem of interlinked platforms (apps) which enable users to tokenize their time by accessing or trading various services like free education, time trading, token-based rewards within the platform.Era Swap Wallet is a Digital Asset wallet that provides support for a range of digital assets.

The wallet has been enabled with high-security measures to ensure protection against potential threats such as the hacking of user data and money.

The wallet also provides a basic exchange facility through which users will be able to exchange their tokens for other supported Digital assets, thus saving extra on the transaction charges they have to pay when moving tokens to and from exchanges.

Top Features of Era Swap Wallet

Like we mentioned, security of the tokens and data of our platform users is our main concern, therefore, the Era Swap digital wallet has been integrated with multi-factor authentication including biometric verificati...

Congratulations to Era Swap

David Groener-1536773448.png
Era Swap has constructed a versatile and global team, spread out all over the world. Era Swap has constructed an ecosystem with multiple moving parts that are created to turn its vision into reality. Personally, I am very excited that Era Swap has diligently planned to address multiple aspects of the ecosystem such as increasing demand, minimizing the volatility, accelerating the adoption of cryptocurrencies, lowering transaction charges for users.

Uniquely our ecosystem allows users the ability to Tokenize time as a service. Era Swap allows p2p transactions and with our specialized reward system enabling users to get maximum benefits by eliminating middlemen. This marketplace will connect resources and services with no third party interventions! The most exciting aspect of the Era swap ecosystem is Token (EST). Serving as a utility token the main purpose for creating the token is to be used on the platform to buy and sell Tokenized time.

Explore EraSwap ...

Blockology - The new e-school specialized in Blockchain

According to recent studies, the blockchain industry is among the sectors of activity that are currently recruiting the most and paying the most!

New higher education schools specialising in this field are flourishing, as are blockchain specialisations in existing high schools.

Among the 100 most renowned high schools (Harvard, Oxord, MIT ...), more than three-quarters already offer specializations about the various job of the blockchain sector.

However, these schools have a cost and not everyone can afford it. 

It is now possible to train on the Internet where there is a very wide and complete field of information. However, these self-directed trainings are not officially recognized, and the learner can waste a lot of time searching for the right information among the mass of information available on the web.

This is where Blockology comes in. 
The Blockology p...

Swappers Wall - Social Community features embedded with Time Trading platform

Swappers Wall is a Blockchain based  social networking platform that promotes and facilitates interaction between friends, family, and colleagues where everyone can earn Era Swap token as rewards. 

The goal of Swappers Wall  is to connect people to their stories, posts, videos or photos, etc.  

Swappers wall is part of a Time Swappers user’s profile where the user can post status updates and receive messages from friends. The wall is a public portion of a user's profile which  user's friends are able to see. The wall also shows updates of a user's recent activity such as comments the user has posted on other friends' walls, the user's status updates and who the user has recently friended. 

The Swappers wall has many interactive features like :
Friends can respond to wall posts publicly (wall-to-wall), or privately through a private message....

Era Swap Curators - Advocacy on Time Swappers Platform

vansh 2-04-1540487184.jpg

As per our CEO Mr. Tarun Baur “blockchain can bring disruption in many industries”

Is it so?

Yes, We are on the track to disrupt freelance market and yes disruption is not easy to adopt, but we are not far away from our goal, our vision of creating a self-sustainable P2P marketplace for the betterment of the society.

Can any buyer directly approach a seller without middlemen?

Yes they can; but since last few decades both buyers and sellers are used to the existence of middlemen and both buyers and sellers are sharing their hard-earned profits with these intermediaries. Middlemen are just the trusted 3<...

Era Swap Ecosystem on Blockchain Platform

The Era Swap Ecosystem is a social platform, where your time could be traded in the community. This will happen by a token (EST), a marketplace token which empowers users to tokenize their time via smart contracts on a community-based exchange. The uniqueness of our ecosystem offers users the ability to tokenize time as a service. This part of the ecosystem is named Time Swappers. EST allows peer to peer transactions and a specialized reward system.

Era Swap tokens are pre-mined and released through a smart contract, at a fixed rate of one block every three seconds. These tokens are distributed to all the stakeholders in the ecosystem as per their contribution. Era Swap is offering 5% of its total tokens for sale in the crowd sale period. After this initial sale, these tokens will only be earned or ...

Era Swap comes with a solution for Community

One of the biggest injustices we have in modern society is that we have been brainwashed into following a system which dictates that we invest our limited, precious and completely non-renewable time in exchange for money. The amount of money is determined by the person or company employing us. How is that that companies are able to dictate what they think OUR time is work? They are able to do so only because we have allowed them to. Imagine if you were able to decide what your time is worth and you were not bound to work for a single employer? Imagine if you were able to place a price on your time and any employer around the world could get hold of you and use your services. Imagine if this could be done without lengthy interview processes, without complicated and costly international payment processing, of all of this could be done on a single platform. Well, stop imagining. The time has arrived, Era Swap token is about to disrupt the employment sector.

With the...

Two Organizations With A Similar Zest For Innovation Are Partnering For A Better Future

NetObjex, are the architects of the bridges that connect the physical world to the virtual one. They aim to provide companies with the most comprehensive digital platform leveraging IoT, Blockchain and AI technologies. This journey has led them to partner up with Era Swap Technologies.

NetObjex is developing futuristic blockchain powered services powered by the next-generation technology with an aim towards building an ecosystem transparent, immutable, tamper proof transactions in a digital marketplace. 

In Era Swap, NetObjex has found a partner with similar objectives.  

Era Swap Technologies is creating a digital marketplace for freelancers, where service providers and clients can transact in a secure, trust-oriented environment with full confidence which are governed by smart contracts.

Both Era Swap and NetObjex believe ...

Era Swap: Tokenizing Time

Gaurav Angrez_cover-1536826209.jpg
Time is one’s most valuable asset. There’s no two ways about it. But how does one benefit from the time they have? Can they? The EraSwap team definitely thinks so, and is building an ecosystem where you’ll be able to do just that! 

The world today is filled with contractual employment and employees who actively choose freelance work over a steady desk job. In itself, this offers individuals level of freedom that is simply not attainable at a full-time job, and is great for the job market overall, for all stakeholders in the industry. No doubt, there is a huge need for shared economies and it is a necessity as part of the modern economy. Freelancing has drastically reduced employer overheads and a growing base of freelancers choosing to go that route has only helped further the impact it has had across geographies and economies. Now, the issue here arises when e dig a little deeper into the centralized nature of how...

Blocklogy An e-Learning App For Next Gen Technology Blockchain

YOGI Articles-02-1540127023.png
Blockchain is one of the most trending and appealing topics in the world. Many experts and amateurs are talking about the future of blockchain and how it could change the way we do the business and transactions in today’s world. 

This new concept has grabbed hold of many creative minds, and these minds are spreading blockchain technology to each possible industry. Era Swap powered by KMPARDS has introduced a blockchain powered platform for schools, where blockchain education and learning can be made easier, cheaper, hassle-free and future-oriented.

Students Getting Attracted To Digital assets and Blockchain

Time Swapper by Era Swap One Stop destination to be a True Freelancer

Vansh Tah-01-1538483863.png
Freelancer - this word might have come across you several time but have you thought about who are they? What they do? How to trust them?
Freelancers are a group of people who leverage their skills and work for themselves.

Freelancer can be anybody, maybe the person sitting next to you working on the laptop; can be a freelancer in his leisure time or the lady you met this evening in coffee shop; can be the best content writer of her own kind, maybe you too have the ability to be the best of freelancer, ever thought in this way. 

But the problem with the conventional freelancing is: 
How to trust the freelancer or the employer? 
Is the payment secured? 
Is the freelancer capable of doing the job?

Era Swap using Blockchain to Replace the Need of Trust

The Internet gave rise to an entire online community of people from all over the world offering their services in exchange for a fee. The problem with this is that you can't always trust the person advertising the work and hence the need for middlemen arose to try and combat this. This thus lead to an increase in the proposed cost of service.
The introduction of blockchain and smart contracts opened up a door that could lead to the elimination of the costly middleman. Eraswap Technologies thus proposed a solution that would help the industry - Era Swap Token (EST). EST allows for easy and transparent transactions of time.
For the first time, an individual is able to offer their services and tokenize their time via the use of smart contracts. This aids prospective clients by reducing the cost of the middleman.
Tokens will be released for crowd sale for a limited period beyond which ESTs can only be earned on the decentralized platform, making this the ideal t...

Era Swap : P2P decentralized marketplace ecosystem for Everyone


Era Swap Token is the weapon of choice for freelancers and independent contractors that wish to be paid and interact with their clients through cryptocurrencies. But wait there is more, Era Swap has the platform to help you get information, a blockchain based learning platform, a loan platform and many more.

The process is called tokenization and it represents the action through which someone like you and me can earn tokens by working as a freelancer or independent contractor. The technology developed by Era Swap is called Time Swapper and it mitigates payments made through and to entities in cryptocurrencies. This platform relies on 3 key components to work effectively:

1. Time traders – basically the buyers or the sellers on the platform
2. Curators ...

Era Swap: Let's Swap to Next Era


In the US alone, there are 57 million freelancers, with a turn-over of $1.4 trillion dollars a year. A large survey found that 70% of all freelancers use an online marketplaces to find work.

Let me start with a small personal STORY. I have been working as freelancer for quite some years. And freelancing came with some challenges that many will recognize. The first: Freelancing is often running or waiting. You have way more work than you can handle, OR the whole market is at a standstill. How do you balance that out? The second: How do you find the perfect assignment that fits you? I can tell you that this is even more a challenge if you are highly specialized. The easiest is using an online market-place. But these marketplaces come with a middlemen and fees.
So a solution is needed. And EraSwap creates it. EraSwap is...

Era Swap Adds Power To Its Ecosystem Partnering With Blockcluster


BlockCluster who have developed a blockchain management system for organizations, professionals and government, is happy to announce its collaboration with technology driven organization Era Swap Technologies. BlockCluster is partnering with Era Swap for the development of the Era Swap Project.

Era Swap is bringing freelance marketplace services powered by decentralized next-gen blockchain technology. This association with Era Swap would provide BlockCluster; opportunities for developing and managing amazing blockchain platforms and products.

BlockCluster has always been positive for such opportunity, and this one surely is one of the best. The team is great and their goals are super clear.

Era Swap will soon bring a blockchain powered platform which will allow ...

Tokenizing Knowledge and Time in a Decentralized Ecosystem

David Galea-02-1538038376.jpg
As economic growth and prosperity in several countries around the world are increasing exponentially, economic development has progressively shifted from labour intensive industries, subsequently to capital intensive industries ultimately leading to a major knowledge and technology revolution in the 21st Century.  Such revolution has radically morphed the work place from a centralised dichotomic relationship between employer and employee into a highly fragmented regime where people manage a portfolio of jobs across multiple “employers”.  This has given birth to the freelancing phenomenon.  Indeed it is no coincidence that in the US alone it is estimated that more than 57 million citizens are working through a freelancing model and are expected to grow even further in the coming years. Essentially time and knowledge have become commoditised and indeed a unit of exchange for currencies, goods and services.  This phe...

Power Tokens - Decentralized Transparent Reward System

As per the scientist we are living in the Golden Era of Human Evolution and we are going to become the Type - I civilization very soon based on Kardashev Scale. Being born and living in the 21st century is both a boon and a curse. On one hand we are able to implement the knowledge gained over thousands of years by humanity on the other hand we are so deeply engrossed in the rat race that it seems impossible to leave the race and create our own path.

The human mentality starts from ‘I, Me and Mine”. This is the stage where every person is occupied within himself and his actions are concentrated to benefit himself for e.g. my house, my car, my job etc.
The second level is where the thoughts become a little more wider starting from ‘We, Us and Ours’. Here the person actually thinks about the benefit of a community for e.g. Our team, our family, our house, our count...

Era Swap offering Smooth Experience by use of Blockchain Technology.

Tudor Alex__cover-1536749729.jpg
Let me introduce you to Era Swap, a platform that promises freelancers and clients a smooth and carefree experience by the use of blockchain technology.

Era Swap Token is a project that helps contractors make good use of their time and tokenize (earn tokens) their efforts. For this we have invented some quick and easy tools:

1. Time Swapper Platform - a community based platform that helps individuals exchange services and receive payment in cryptocurrencies. The Time Swapper Platform has it’s own components called time traders (who offer and avail services), curators (who monitor the platform), Day Swappers (active members who help in growing and maintaining the platform).

2. Era Swap Wallet – a secure solution to...

Why I wanted to be part of Era Swap ?

Freelancing is a significant part of the new age sharing economies. From hand-crafting to a full stack developer, all sorts of services can be availed through freelancers. Freelancing has incredibly reduced the fixed costs for companies.

US, the largest economy in the world, already seems to be embracing the idea of ‘gig’ economy as a growing number of traditional employees are leaving their jobs to be their own bosses through freelancing.

The nature of future companies is changing and numbers indicate that freelancing will be a major type of employment in the future. With this it is imperative that there will be a need of freelancing platforms where people who extend and avail services have to be matched.

Problems with traditional centralized freelancin...

I support Era Swap

Sai k_cover-1536771123.jpg

EraSwap token which is the fuel for trading crypto without spending a lot of time. 

I personally felt that if there would be some platform where I can transfer funds and give some inputs for the desired output without spending hours on specially on this task then it will be beneficial for me that exactly EraSwap is going to do which I like the most.

Explore more on


Era Swap Ecosystem: An Overview

Kelvin King_cover-1536769344.jpg
What is Era Swap
Era Swap is a blockchain solution with its own decentralized time swap technology. It’s a blockchain ecosystem that creates value for its community members “Time”= “Era Swap”. Simply put it’s a blockchain market place that gives its users the ability to monetize their time using Era Swap Token (EST) through a decentralized smart contract built on a community based exchange. It’s the very first of its kind in the crypto currency and blockchain space, a smart contract and blockchain solution that gives users the ability to value/sell their time through peer to peer (P2P) interactions and transactions on a decentralized blockchain

Why Era Swap
The Era Swap vision was borne out of the desire to build a middle-man-free and transparent ecosystem for the community where every member of the community can get paid directly without incurring commissions from any employer. For this to be achieved, the decentralized blockchain technology bec...

Era of Disruption: Era Swap comes with a Solution

Sometimes new companies have an impact in your life and you actually heard of them before they even began to flourish. I remember back in the early 2000’s when a company representative was in Miami, Florida to talk about a little known search engine called Google. I was in the Search Engine Optimization(SEO) field and was a search engine fiend. I wanted to know about every search company out there. The Google rep explained how this new search engine would change the world with their unique organization of information, spidering and algorithms. He talked about the Google founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page mindset and how they saw the future of search being more important than we thought. He also said in the future it would be a great company to invest in.

I never forget that day. I became loyal to Google and talked about their search engine to everyone. One thing I didn’t do was invest in Google which was a missed opportunity.

Ground Floor - Era Swap<...

Era Swap Ecosystem comes with a P2P Decentralized Marketplace

Guilherme Muck_Cover-1536748181.jpg
To work is nothing less than swapping your time and effort for a salary / payment. To do the tasks you are hired for; you use your time and skills and after delivering your job - daily, weekly or monthly - you’re paid.

Over the last couple of decades we are experiencing what can be called of the fourth industrial revolution and also a revolution on the work relations worldwide - the relationship between employees and employers, professionals and companies is changing at a incredibly fast pace.

According to recent studies, the number of freelance professionals is increasing exponentially and more and more young professionals prefer to have freelance work positions than to work on a permanent job. With ERA SWAP, freelancers and employers will be able to connect like never before.

By offering a whole ecosystem and connecting people and companies from all over the world, businesses and professionals will establish safer and secure w...

Chief Security Officer Alberto Daniel Hill at Era Swap

Era Swap is a very ambitious project is offering a solution to the limitations and problems that the tradition peer to peer platforms are not able to solve. Shared economies are here to stay, and Era Swap is intended to provide an ecosystem to integrate all the components of shared economies and make them work in an efficient way to maximize the results of each part of the s...