All the features you need to know about Era Swap Wallet

Updated on December 17, 2018
Era Swap is a peer-to-peer ecosystem of interlinked platforms (apps) which enable users to tokenize their time by accessing or trading various services like free education, time trading, token-based rewards within the platform.Era Swap Wallet is a Digital Asset wallet that provides support for a range of digital assets.

The wallet has been enabled with high-security measures to ensure protection against potential threats such as the hacking of user data and money.

The wallet also provides a basic exchange facility through which users will be able to exchange their tokens for other supported Digital assets, thus saving extra on the transaction charges they have to pay when moving tokens to and from exchanges.

Top Features of Era Swap Wallet

Like we mentioned, security of the tokens and data of our platform users is our main concern, therefore, the Era Swap digital wallet has been integrated with multi-factor authentication including biometric verification.

It has the following most significant features:

Support for multiple Digital assets

The wallet provides support for a number of digital assets including BTC, ETH and all other ERC-20 tokens.

High Security
Beside multi-factor authenticator, eraswap will be following CCSS to ensure maximum security along with a private-public key based encryption where the private key is stored only with the owner of a respective wallet.

In-wallet Token Swap (Exchange)

Through our dedicated exchange service, ComputeEx, we provide in wallet exchange (swap) for a number of select tokens.

That means you can exchange these tokens for other supported ones without having to pay a transaction fee or export to an external exchange platform.

Best-in-class UI

The Era Swap wallet has been designed with an easy and user-friendly interface with all the features you may need, including advance analytics, value graphs, etc.

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