Blockchain-based Marketplace Time Swappers eliminates middlemen and rewards users for using the Platform

Updated on September 09, 2019

Ever heard people saying that time is money or that your time is too valuable to waste? What do you think people mean when they compare time with money? How can you measure time in respect of money, or can you?

Well, you can. Let’s try to understand this with a simple example.

How do you make money? By doing a job or some kind of business, right? So, what are you exactly exchanging for money? Your products or services? Well, not exactly. What you’re actually trading is your time. If you’re doing a job, you are getting paid for your time. And if you’re doing a business which involves selling a product or service, you will make money only because you spent time planning, creating and marketing that product/service.

In short, time is the ultimate and most valuable thing and what you get paid for.

Another major example of the exchange of time for money is freelancing service. Freelancers get paid in exchange for their time, which they spend providing required service to the client. This is the reason why most freelancers charge their fee on an hourly basis. What more proof may you need to accept that time is the actual money?

Now that you understand the notion of time in terms of money, We would like to introduce you to decentralized platform where you can earn money for your time, as simple as that.

TimeSwappers is a blockchain-powered P2P community platform where people can exchange services with each other in the form of tokenized time. A service provider can quote his/her price

in terms of Era Swap Tokens per hour (ES/Hour).

The TimeSwappers platform has the following three main entities:

Time Traders - people who buy and sell services

Curators - who curate the platform and provide resolution of issues

Day Swappers - active members who help maintain the platform by referring more new active members

The basic purpose of TimeSwappers is to provide a transparent and fair platform for freelancers to offer their services in exchange for money. Blockchain to enable peer-to-peer (direct) transactions between sellers and buyers, removing the concept (and extra cost) of middleman. This will result in service providers getting the right and timely payments for their services.

With TimeSwappers, you can trade your time in a just and transparent environment. There is no owner or middleman here, only users who exchange their time or money for mutual benefits.

So, join Time Swappers today and start freelancing.

Visit  - to become a part of this amazing P2P freelance market place.