Blockology - The new e-school specialized in Blockchain

Updated on December 03, 2018
According to recent studies, the blockchain industry is among the sectors of activity that are currently recruiting the most and paying the most!

New higher education schools specialising in this field are flourishing, as are blockchain specialisations in existing high schools.

Among the 100 most renowned high schools (Harvard, Oxord, MIT ...), more than three-quarters already offer specializations about the various job of the blockchain sector.

However, these schools have a cost and not everyone can afford it. 

It is now possible to train on the Internet where there is a very wide and complete field of information. However, these self-directed trainings are not officially recognized, and the learner can waste a lot of time searching for the right information among the mass of information available on the web.

This is where Blockology comes in. 
The Blockology powered by Kmpards association, specialized in blockchain technology and composed of many experts, will offer blockchain coding courses to students, at a cost of only $1 per certificates. Teachers will be specially trained to help students make their coding skills ready by the time they finish 12th grade.

The courses will first of all offer general education around the blockchain. What is the technology, the different types of blockchain and how they work. The link with crypto-currencies, the integration of a wallet. Solidity coding, creation, and audit of smart-contract and integration of a token, IOT blockchain experiment using Raspberry Pi and much more ...

This way they will be ready to take on blockchain coding assignments. Considering full stack developers can earn up to $200 per hour, Kmpards understood that it was time to orientate this huge demand from students by disrupting the supply of certification and training.  
This way, students are not only learning about the blockchain but also investing in their future!

The application will soon be directly downloadable on google play, and you will finally be able to invest in your future and participate in the construction of tomorrow’s world!

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