Buzcafe Retail Outlets - Explore Multiple Offerings At One Stop

Updated on September 05, 2019

Now for Era Swap Community, there is a facility of shopping with token-based payment system and getting great deals and exclusive offers while shopping.

Let’s jump into the details of Era Swap’s BuzCafe platform - a retail shopping system specially designed for ‘Era Swap community members to shop not with cash but with the Era Swap tokens.

BuzCafe - Era Swap Giving Back to the Community.

BuzCafe is an application based marketplace for techno-era to conveniently shop and get exclusive offers and gifts. It is a person to person marketplace where Era Swap retailers will come on board to sell their products/services to the Era Swap Public offering them great deals on purchases.

A large troop of local stores and local merchants present all around, will come on BuzCafe to sell their products or services. BuzCafe ensures that you get your nearest BuzCafe outlet.

For Era Swap Customers there is no need to look around for their local stores and merchants for great offers on shopping as it is available at Era Swap’s BuzzCafe.

Apart from this BuzCafe helps the retailer or the local merchants to trace the counts of customers stepping in and manage, a user's account (if needed).

BuzzCafe - Payments via Era Swap Tokens

BuzCafe has a secure, quick and efficient payment base. Payments will be done via Era Swap Tokens. BuzCafe is striving towards creating a huge base of local outlets to facilitate the Era Swap User to shop anytime and from any part of the world.

Customers can pay for the services or goods exchanged via Era Swap Tokens and can avail maximum benefits on shopping.

On BuzCafe platform, retailers can sign up easily.

Brief on BuzCafe Avenue

Retailers from both the domains (online and offline) are welcomed on BuzCafe. In Fact, BuzCafe is the platform for retailers or local merchants to spread their trade and earn enormous profits.

BuzzCafe, an Era Swap ecosystem platform is determined to become a trusted name in the near future by providing top class, transparent and secure shopping ecosystem for the community worldwide.

For more details, Visit here: https://buzcafe.com/