Congratulations to Era Swap

Updated on December 11, 2018
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Era Swap has constructed a versatile and global team, spread out all over the world. Era Swap has constructed an ecosystem with multiple moving parts that are created to turn its vision into reality. Personally, I am very excited that Era Swap has diligently planned to address multiple aspects of the ecosystem such as increasing demand, minimizing the volatility, accelerating the adoption of cryptocurrencies, lowering transaction charges for users.

Uniquely our ecosystem allows users the ability to Tokenize time as a service. Era Swap allows p2p transactions and with our specialized reward system enabling users to get maximum benefits by eliminating middlemen. This marketplace will connect resources and services with no third party interventions! The most exciting aspect of the Era swap ecosystem is Token (EST). Serving as a utility token the main purpose for creating the token is to be used on the platform to buy and sell Tokenized time.

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