Curators for resolving disputes between buyers and sellers on the Time Swappers marketplace

Updated on September 05, 2019

Time Swappers is a digital, peer to peer marketplace for transparent exchange of tokenized services. It aims to remove multilayer middlemen between the users. All the transactions on the Time Swappers platform are verified and processed by automated smart contracts.

To facilitate an error-free and continuous processing of transactions (service exchange), there are three major role players on Time Swappers.

Time Traders - These are individuals who perform transactions, i.e. sell or buy services on the marketplace.

Day Swappers - These are exclusive members responsible to help the platform grow by adding new active members (traders).

Who are Curators on Time Swappers Platform?

As defined above, Curators are individuals who will resolve any disputes that may arise between transacting parties or in a transaction on the Time Swappers platform. Besides that, Curators are also responsible for monitoring and ensuring a fair allocation of Power Tokens in Swappers Wall.

Why are Curators needed?

Time Swappers is a peer to peer marketplace where buyers and sellers interact and trade directly with each other. In order to ensure transparency in transactions and to keep the cost low, the role of middlemen or intermediaries has been kept minimal. This while introduces fairness in transactions gives birth to another problem - how to resolve the issues of users. This is where Curators come in.

Curators are individuals who have been assigned the role of resolving the disputes on the Time Swappers platform in a completely fair and honest way.

Curators on Time Swappers - How does it work?

Becoming a Curator

Curators are selected from the existing members based on their performance and level of dedication. The eligibility criteria for becoming a Curator on Time Swappers platform is vesting a minimum of 10,000 Era Swap tokens (ES) in the smart contract for at least 6 months. Any

platform user who fulfills this criteria can apply to become a Curator.

The membership of an existing Curator can be renewed for up to 6 months based on their performance (in terms of successful decision-making) in the past four months.

Resolving the disputes

When a dispute is raised by any of the platform users (buyers or sellers), 5 Curators are selected randomly and assigned to resolve that issue. The selection of Curators on a random basis ensures that there is no partiality in decisions.

The selected Curators then hear the cases of both parties. Then, a voting round is held where each of the selected Curators cast their vote in favour or against the involved party. Based on the result of voting, the final decision is made.

Curators are rewarded based on their performance. For instance, Curators who have given the maximum correct decisions are rewarded the highest. Based on the volume of dispute trade (resolution) done, Curators can generate up to 5% of the NRT pool as Curators rewards.

Time Swappers is a unique freelance marketplace that enables users to perform exchange of services in a truly peer to peer manner. What it means is that service providers and service seekers on the Time Swappers platform are free to directly connect with each other, negotiate the terms of a deal and perform the exchange.

One of the major problems with the existing freelance platforms is that the service fee is very high. For each transaction or trade a user performs, he/she has to pay a significant commission in the range of 10-25% to the platform.

For instance, if you want to provide a specific service to a client via a traditional marketplace, you will be required to go through intermediaries. These middlemen will charge a commission or fee from whatever you earn by selling your services. Since the platform commission is very high, the actual service providers usually end up with much less than what they actually deserve. This makes them kind of demotivated, and rightly so.

So, what’s the solution?

Time Swappers offers a definite alternative, with which you can manage to keep most of your earnings. Here’s how.

What if there was a freelance marketplace where you could connect directly with a service provider or seeker? What if there was no high platform commission? What if there was a way to find better employment opportunities and deliver services in a fair & transparent way?

All that has been made possible by Time Swappers, which is a peer to peer marketplace for transparent exchange of services in the form of tokenized time.

Time Swappers has been created on the concept that when service providers and seekers are able to interact and transact directly with each other, they are no longer required to pay a commission to any third-party or agent. So, the earning of sellers will increase significantly and the buyer will have to pay less amount for the same service.

All the transactions (exchange of services) that are performed on the Time Swappers platform must be settled with Era Swap Token (ES). The benefit of using ES for payments is that all the transactions are recorded and can be easily verified in case of a dispute at a later date. This makes it a fair and transparent marketplace for the exchange of services.

Payments in the Era Swap Ecosystem (ESE) are managed by smart contracts. Time Swappers also uses a smart contract for securely holding the ES paid by a service buyer until the service is completed. After the service is delivered, the amount is automatically credited to the seller’s account by the contract. This makes Time Swappers a transparent platform where the payments are always processed on time by the automated smart contracts.

Still wondering how Time Swappers can help you get the best value for your time?

Well, let’s try to understand this with an illustration.

Suppose that you are currently using a freelance platform which charges a 20% fee from freelancers. Now, you take a job which will pay you $1,000 upon completion and requires nearly 100 hours to complete. So, your hourly income should be $10/hr. But you are also required to pay 20% platform fee, which leaves you with $800 for this job and your hourly income is limited to $8 per hour, even when you are working the same hours.

Now, let’s assume you move to the Time Swappers platform. You get the same job worth $1,000 of ESand take 100 hours to complete it. After deducting a minimal fuel fee of 1%, a small fee, you are still left with nearly $990 (worth of ES). So, your hourly pay is now $9.9/hr worth of ES. Isn’t that Cool? So, what are you waiting for?

To join and try it yourself today. Become a freelancer on