Day Swappers - MVP Launched! Register and earn rewards by creating your own community. Refer more, Earn more!

Updated on September 05, 2019
Day Swappers - MVP Launched! Register and earn rewards by creating your own community. Refer more, Earn more!

Day Swappers, are the modern age active members on Time Swapper Platform who help in growing and maintaining the platform by mentoring, referencing, community development, registering social connects as subscribers and disrupting the current freelancing industry. Let’s see how it works. Time Swappers is a blockchain based P2P marketplace where the community of Buyers and Sellers transact and trade. The success of the community increases with more number of buyers and sellers joining the Time Swappers marketplace platform.

Day Swappers plays the role of a community builder and drives community to join Time Swappers platform as active members. Day Swappers is offering referral program to build community. Grab the first mover advantage.

Day Swappers are designated members on the Time Swappers platform who help the platform grow by inviting their social connects to join the platform and then mentoring them to further grow the platform by onboarding more subscribers. Members are motivated to create and manage their own communities by adding more members.

Who can be a Day Swapper?

A Day Swapper is a Recruiter, Motivator, Mentor, Coach and Champion in his community. Anyone can become a Day Swapper given that he/she-

  • Believes in teamwork and wants to help others achieve more;
  • Is willing to help the community grow;
  • Wants to realize their dreams by helping everyone in their community achieve their own dreams;
  • Desires to create a secured, long-term recurring income by adding community members and keeping them active;
  • Wants to disrupt the freelancing market by removing the middlemen and creating a pool of talents;
  • Plans to leverage his/her social connects to generate a sustainable passive income for himself.

Roles and Job of a Day Swapper

The major role of a Day Swapper is to increase their community by adding more members and contributing to the growth of the platform by increasing the number of transactions (buy & sell). A Day Swapper

  • Remains active on the platform and help their community grow and get the best value for their time by leading them to success;
  • Uses his/her social connects to grow the community;
  • Understands and utilizes the various earning opportunities on the Era Swap ecosystem;

Day Swappers have the freedom to work from anywhere and as per their time schedule.

The major job of a Day Swapper is to ensure that all his community members remain active by performing EST (token) transactions worth $7.5 or more each month and keep adding new members to the platform.

Rewards & Benefits

The reward mechanism for Day Swappers is predefined on the basis of a TimeAlly smart contract. A Day Swapper gets rewarded for each value they add to the platform, in the form of new subscribers, transactions, active subscribers, etc. The following reward level (belt) system has been defined:

Day Swappers Level Influence Chart

White belt is the first (introductory) level. A Day Swapper can move up the level belt by adding more value to the system.

Era Swap has a predefined allocation of 12.5% of the total Newly Released Tokens as rewards to Day Swapper pool.

Interested yet? Check out more details about Day Swappers program in the project whitepaper at or visit the website

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