Day Swappers can generate up to 12.5% of NRT Pool

Updated on September 05, 2019

Day Swappers are active community members who get rewarded in exchange for their contribution in growing and maintaining multiple interlinked platforms of Era Swap Ecosystem. 

Day Swappers can be understood as an exclusive referral/affiliate program where the community members get the opportunity to earn rewards by referring new members to Time Swappers and multiple other platforms of the Era Swap Ecosystem. 

As per the NRT Distribution Chart, Day Swappers can work to generate up to 12.5% of the NRT Pool. 25% of the NRT Pool is reserved for Workpool, of which up to half can be claimed by Day Swappers based on their performance and the volume of trade done. 

Here’s how Day Swappers can generate the maximum of Rewards from the NRT Pool: 

The primary role of Day Swappers is to build communities and add their communities to the platform in order to increase the volume of trade done. The more trading is done by community members, the more rewards they can earn from the Day Swappers pool. 

What does Day Swappers do exactly? 

Day Swappers are mentors and leaders who build communities and motivate their community members to join Time Swappers platform as active members. 

What does it mean to be active on Time Swappers platform? 

A community member who performs minimum transactions worth $7.5 or more in Era Swap Tokens (ES) in a calendar month is considered active on the platform and will be liable to get rewarded based on their volume of trade done. 

The success of Day Swappers is directly proportional to the success of their communities. Therefore, the main job of Day Swappers is to encourage their community members to perform more and more trading on the platform. 

Day Swappers Rewards - 12.5% of NRT Pool 

12.5% of the NRT (Newly Released Tokens) pool is retained for Day Swappers, which they can generate based on their contribution and trading volume.

For instance, if the volume of trading done by Day Swappers in a given month is in line with the reward pool, the complete 12.5% of the NRT pool will be generated and distributed as rewards among the Day Swappers based on their performance.

The distribution of reward tokens (ES) among the Day Swappers is done according to the rules of the Influencer Chart, which contains 8 different levels/belts. Day Swappers with the lowest performance in a month are kept at Level 1 and get no rewards (in the form of % of Day Swappers Pool). 

As the community members of Day Swappers become more active, they are promoted to higher levels in the chart and the price (reward) amount increases accordingly. For e.g. Day Swappers who add 100 or more new members to Time Swappers platform in a given month are promoted to Level 3. They are liable to receive 52% of the Day Swappers pool as rewards.

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