Era Swap : P2P decentralized marketplace ecosystem for Everyone

Updated on November 10, 2018

Era Swap Token is the weapon of choice for freelancers and independent contractors that wish to be paid and interact with their clients through cryptocurrencies. But wait there is more, Era Swap has the platform to help you get information, a blockchain based learning platform, a loan platform and many more.

The process is called tokenization and it represents the action through which someone like you and me can earn tokens by working as a freelancer or independent contractor. The technology developed by Era Swap is called Time Swapper and it mitigates payments made through and to entities in cryptocurrencies. This platform relies on 3 key components to work effectively:

1. Time traders – basically the buyers or the sellers on the platform
2. Curators – members that help monitor the platform
3. Day-swappers - active members who grow the platform.

Other technologies include an AI based smart exchange that sweeps all exchanges for the best rates, giving you - the user the optimal price for your crypto, a time freezer mechanic that helps protect your funds through the ups and downs of the market.

A special mention goes to Blockology, a project that teaches students and beginners, new crafts and helps you earn additional revenue.

Even though each of them can be it’s own successful project, I believe Era Swap Token along with all of it’s modules is a gem of a project. I encourage you to look at it and if you think you like it, give it your vote of confidence.

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