Era Swap; An ecosystem which helps you Trade your Time

Updated on November 10, 2018
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As we know the most valuable commodity is time, with Era Swap time is commoditized as value of exchange, for service, education, and crypto assets. What makes the Era Swap platform different from other peer to peer platforms is that it is cost effective and transparent on the blockchain.

Traditional P2P platforms aren’t cost-effective and blockchain platforms have their limitations as well. Here arises an opportunity to create a new ecosystem that solves these problems. This ecosystem incorporates many interlinked platforms such as Time Trading, affordable Education, Profit Sharing, Rewards, Loyalty Plans etc. which make it completely self-sustainable. The uniqueness of our ecosystem offers users the ability to tokenize time as a service. Era swap token allows peer to peer transactions and a specialized reward system.

62% percent of the working population today is independent workers. As the industry grows, the existence of middlemen and their exorbitant fees has an adverse effect on both buyers and sellers. Era Swap aims to revolutionize this 30-billion-dollar industry by eliminating the middlemen.

Era Swap has carefully planned to address different aspects of the ecosystem such as growing the demand, reducing the volatility, increasing the adoption of cryptocurrencies, minimizing transaction charges for all the users etc.

Apart from the token itself, Era Swap has the following solutions to tackle various problems in the world of cryptocurrencies:

TimeSwapper is a community based platform where people extend and avail services from each other on the basis of per unit time cost quoted by the person offering the service. Era Swap Wallet that supports multiple digital currencies and is highly secured. This wallet will also allow you to exchange a few selected tokens within the wallet so that a user can save extra on the transaction charges to move tokens to and from exchanges.

ComputeEx: Era Swap will leverage AI technology to deploy bots that provides best deal to Era Swap users from various crypto exchanges across the world even though they are not registered on those exchanges. ComputeEx also offers 50% discount to EST users.

TimeAlly is a meticulously crafted smart contract to reduce the volatility of EST. It rewards users who choose to lock their tokens in the smart contract according to their vesting periods.

Blocklogy is an e-learning platform for students from 8th grade onwards. The courseware is specially designed to expose students to blockchain and gradually increase their level so that within 5 years they are able to code for blockchain related projects.

All these components combine to create an well-functioning ecosystem but also could alone be standalone value drivers to the project. Which makes it even better. Visit to explore more and be a part of the revolution.

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