Era Swap brings decentralized P2P Marketplace ecosystem

Updated on October 23, 2018

Did you know that more than 57 million people work in freelance only in the United States? This represents a market of more than 1 trillion dollars per year. 70% of them use a contact platform to find contracts but are not fully satisfied.

Meanwhile, the blockchain is disrupting the banking, financial, logistics and many other sectors. It is now the turn of the online freelance industry to succumb to evolution!

The improvements that blockchain and EraSwap technology can bring to the sector are numerous, both for freelancer and employer.

On the one hand, the Era Swap project will make it possible to introduce automated management by smart-contract while decentralizing the process. The implementation of blockchain technology within the sector of activity will allow an increase in the speed of transactions, a seamless transparency allowing for example to easily resolve a dispute between two parties. This process will also make it possible to eliminate intermediaries and therefore the corresponding costs.

On the other hand, the Era Swap ecosystem is composed of several interconnected platforms allowing the use of the Era Swap token for a multitude of services, for example for time trading, free education, profit sharing, rewards and investment plan.

The aim is to create a self-sufficient and complete solution for the freelance world while highlighting the work of freelancers and the access to education. Explore  and Swap to Next Era

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