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Updated on November 10, 2018
One of the biggest injustices we have in modern society is that we have been brainwashed into following a system which dictates that we invest our limited, precious and completely non-renewable time in exchange for money. The amount of money is determined by the person or company employing us. How is that that companies are able to dictate what they think OUR time is work? They are able to do so only because we have allowed them to. Imagine if you were able to decide what your time is worth and you were not bound to work for a single employer? Imagine if you were able to place a price on your time and any employer around the world could get hold of you and use your services. Imagine if this could be done without lengthy interview processes, without complicated and costly international payment processing, of all of this could be done on a single platform. Well, stop imagining. The time has arrived, Era Swap token is about to disrupt the employment sector.

With the advent of converged technologies and unified communication, more and more people are looking at working remotely, you’ve probably heard the term digital nomads or freelancers. I’m sure you’ve also seen blogs and social media posts of digital nomads “living the dream” while you sit behind your office cubicle watching time fly past. What you don’t see in these blog posts or social media posts is what happens behind the scenes and how many digital nomads have an absolute nightmare when it comes to getting paid. Depending on which country they might be located in they often have to jump through countless hoops and pay exorbitant bank charges just to get their hands on the money they have worked so hard to earn. There is no shortage of horror stories of people not being able to access their funds for months, even as long as six months in some cases. All because the payment processor decided, overnight that there was something “wrong” with their transaction and it looks suspicious. So they decide to freeze the account until further investigation. There are thousands of horror stories like this all over the internet. Sadly, freelancers and digital nomads are almost forced to use these payment processors because there simply don't have many other options.

Era Swap will address these issues by creating a single platform for people to tokenize their time in units and charge accordingly. There are many components to the Era Swap (EST) ecosystem and as the platform grows more and more components will be activated. There are also measures in place to combat volatility, this includes token burn protocols.

Some of the other components that make up the complete EST ecosystem are:

Time Swappers
This is a community based, platform for people to offer their services based on units of time. Curators and Day Swappers will assist to grow and maintain the platform.

Era Swap Wallet 
In order to power a truly decentralized community, it is essential to have a secure payment gateway. The Era Swap Wallet is more than just a secure wallet to store your EST. It doubles as an exchange wallet allowing users to exchange between a few selected tokens. Users will be able to save on transnational charges normally associated with moving tokens between exchanges.

ComputeEx will utilize advanced AI technology to deploy bots that will monitor rates on various cryptocurrency exchanges. This information will be made available to EST users allowing them to secure the best deals from around the world. Over and above this, will offer a 50% discount to all EST users.

TimeAlly is a smart contract that has been strategically designed to assist with preventing volatility of EST. Users are rewarded when they choose to lock their tokens in with specific vesting periods. 50% of all EraSwap rewards are routed through the system over a period of time to increase the stability of EST and counteract potential volatility.

This is a Kmpards educational initiative that has been specifically developed for the EST platform. is an e-learning platform aimed at students from 8th grade onward. The curriculum on the platform has been designed to introduce blockchain technology to students in a phased approach. Students will progress through the various stages of the curriculum gradually increasing their skills and knowledge. The aim is for students to be fully competent blockchain coders/developers within 5 years of starting the course.

Apart from a remarkable platform, EST is backed by a world-class team compromising of over 60 people from around the globe. Each one of the team members has been specifically selected due to their expertise in their respective fields. A world-class platform, backed by a world-class team is no doubt going to produce a world class service. If you have not joined the EST revolution yet, then it’s about time you climbed aboard.

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