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Updated on November 10, 2018
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As per our CEO Mr. Tarun Baur “blockchain can bring disruption in many industries”

Is it so?

Yes, We are on the track to disrupt freelance market and yes disruption is not easy to adopt, but we are not far away from our goal, our vision of creating a self-sustainable P2P marketplace for the betterment of the society.

Can any buyer directly approach a seller without middlemen?

Yes they can; but since last few decades both buyers and sellers are used to the existence of middlemen and both buyers and sellers are sharing their hard-earned profits with these intermediaries. Middlemen are just the trusted 3rd party which can be always be replaced with technology which is public and transparent.

Who is a Curator?

Era Swap brings a blockchain based P2P decentralized marketplace free from middlemen. There can be some minimal chances of dispute between buyers and sellers in some cases which can be resolved with curators - a crucial member of the Era Swap community who helps in dispute resolution on Time Swappers platform .

How to become a Curator?

In order to become a curator, a user has to vest 10,000 Era Swap Tokens and fill up their required details in curators’ form to qualify for the role of curator. Once he is approved, he becomes a Qualified Curator on Time Swapper.

Vesting 10,000 Era Swap tokens is done here to make a curator understand his responsibility. If he is irresponsible and doesn’t performs his task carefully, he will lose his rewards from curators’ payouts. With time and experience; curators will be groomed and skilled in their roles to perform flawlessly on time Swappers. Once the curators become self-capable with time, the dispute settlement becomes accurate. 

What are the roles of Curator?

Curators are required in case of any dispute resolution; promptly and without being biased. Both buyer and seller are given with option to raise a dispute if they are unsatisfied. In case user raises a dispute; 5 qualified curators are selected in random by the system who receive notifications to resolve dispute with voting; which gets published in 48 hours. A curator has to be available at least 50% of the time per month on the platform for dispute settlement.

Curator can accept or can reject this specific system raised demand to vote. If Curator accepts the request he/she has to investigate and study the complete project based on the evidence submitted by the buyer and seller. Curator denying the dispute settlement offer will lose 10% from his curators reward each time he rejects a dispute settlement trial

A curator has to vote judiciously and carefully based on the investigation and study; because the curator voting in favor of the party (buyer or seller) who lost the dispute; will lose 25% from his curators’ reward.

Reward of Curators

Users who takes the responsibility of a curator will be rewarded 5% of the total Newly Released Tokens on monthly basis for unbiased decision and contribution in community dispute settlement. One has to be curator for a minimum duration of 6 months where the prime objective is responsibility, advocacy of truth and unbiased decision making.

How Curator is different from Traditional Dispute Settlement Process?

Era Swap dispute resolution is totally unbiased and prompt to provide safe, secure and hassle-free feel in the trade to both buyers and sellers.


Be a curator on Time Swappers platform to gain rewards. Vote for a change from the old-age conventional standard, being unbiased in decision making. Any curator can exit from the role after 6 months of duration giving 1 month of prior notice and the vesting amount will be returned to the user.

Era Swap community is continuously growing with support of people. Raise a hand in contribution to such a platform. For more details explore

Vansh Tah

Blockchain Developer

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