Era Swap Ecosystem: An Overview

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What is Era Swap
Era Swap is a blockchain solution with its own decentralized time swap technology. It’s a blockchain ecosystem that creates value for its community members “Time”= “Era Swap”. Simply put it’s a blockchain market place that gives its users the ability to monetize their time using Era Swap Token (EST) through a decentralized smart contract built on a community based exchange. It’s the very first of its kind in the crypto currency and blockchain space, a smart contract and blockchain solution that gives users the ability to value/sell their time through peer to peer (P2P) interactions and transactions on a decentralized blockchain

Why Era Swap
The Era Swap vision was borne out of the desire to build a middle-man-free and transparent ecosystem for the community where every member of the community can get paid directly without incurring commissions from any employer. For this to be achieved, the decentralized blockchain technology became the best choice to build a platform for a global community where users can tokenize their time = ‘Time As a Service” and get paid directly without the intervention of any middleman = “Era Swap Token - EST”. To complete this ecosystem a crypto currency trading platform and market place was also conceptualized and this platform offers bot services for crypto trading and crypto investment plans. The first and foremost aim behind developing the Era Swap ecosystem is to provide the benefits to the public.
The Era Swap token is unique because it is designed to be a token of “time for work” via smart contracts that can never be bought.

Our Unique Selling Proposition (USP)
Era Swap is a very unique, first of its kind blockchain concept and technology, as it helps create a value system for its users “Time” on the blockchain. With its supply and demand dynamics geared towards increasing the value of Era Swap Token (EST) through its carefully measured token burn and Time ally smart contracts controlling excess supply and increasing demand guarantees that every stakeholder benefits from its increasing value and the sustainability of the system and platform is guaranteed.

Our Blockchain Solutions & Technologies
Era swap blockchain solutions and technologies is a complete cryptographic solution. These blockchain solutions and technologies makes up era swap Ecosystem. Our ecosystem is structured and developed in a way to ensure and guarantee  that we deliver on our projects goals and visions, thereby delivering to our investors and community value and profit for their investment and contribution to our ecosystem. The following makes up our Blockchain Ecosystem:

TimeSwapper is a community based platform where people extend and avail services from each other on the basis of per unit time cost quoted by the person offering the service. The most important components of this platform are time traders (who offer and avail services), curators (who monitor the platform), day-swappers (active members who help in growing and maintaining the platform) etc. As this platform is completely decentralized, blockchain and a native token, Era Swap, are inseparable parts of the platform.

Era Swap Wallet
Era Swap understands that to power the distributed community platform, there needs to be a solid and secure payment network. For this purpose, Era Swap will be launching a wallet that supports multiple digital currencies and is highly secured. This wallet will also allow you to exchange a few selected tokens within the wallet so that a user can save extra the transaction charges to move tokens to and from exchanges.

TimeAlly is a meticulously crafted smart contract to reduce the volatility of EST. It rewards users who choose to lock their tokens in the smart contract according to their vesting periods. Of all the rewards by Era Swap, 50% are given up front in liquid tokens and 50% are routed through TimeAlly over a period of time to keep the volatility of EST in check. TimeAlly is a very crucial part of the ecosystem as it controls some of the demand-supply dynamics of the token.

Today there are so many crypto currency exchanges that it becomes difficult for a user to keep a track of rates at different exchanges. Era Swap will leverage AI technology to deploy bots that provide best deals to Era Swap users from various crypto exchanges across the world even though they are not registered on these exchanges. If this isn’t enough, ComputeEx offers a 50% discount to EST users.

Blocklogy is an educational initiative by Kmpards, an organization funding Era Swap. Blocklogy is an E-learning platform for students from 8th grade onwards. The courseware is specially designed to expose students to blockchain and gradually increase their level so that within 5 years they are able to code for blockchain related projects.

Our Initial Token Offering
Era Swap is offering 5% of its total tokens for sale in the crowd-sale period. After this initial sale, these tokens will only be earned and/or bought from those who have purchased them during the crowd-sale or those who have earned them. Explore more on

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