Era Swap Ecosystem on Blockchain Platform

Updated on November 10, 2018
The Era Swap Ecosystem is a social platform, where your time could be traded in the community. This will happen by a token (EST), a marketplace token which empowers users to tokenize their time via smart contracts on a community-based exchange. The uniqueness of our ecosystem offers users the ability to tokenize time as a service. This part of the ecosystem is named Time Swappers. EST allows peer to peer transactions and a specialized reward system.

Era Swap tokens are pre-mined and released through a smart contract, at a fixed rate of one block every three seconds. These tokens are distributed to all the stakeholders in the ecosystem as per their contribution. Era Swap is offering 5% of its total tokens for sale in the crowd sale period. After this initial sale, these tokens will only be earned or bought from those who have purchased them during the crowd sale or those who have earned them. This token is designed to be a token of “time for work” via smart contracts that can never be bought. 

To reduce the volatility of the EST, a smart contract called TimeAlly is drafted. This smart contract reduces the volatility of the Era Swap Token by locking the tokens for a vesting period. The platform itself is completely decentralized and will run on the EOS Blockchain. The transactions are made within few seconds. 

The Era Swap Ecosystem will provide the Era Swap Wallet, that supports EST and different tokens in a secure way. This wallet will provide to exchange the included tokens without any fees and so the Era Swap user can save the fees which he would pay on exchange to exchange the tokens.

Another part of Era Swap Ecosystem is ComputeEx which will provide best deals to Era Swap users from various crypto exchanges across the world even though they are not registered on these exchanges.

Blocklogy is an educational initiative by Kmpards. Blocklogy is an E-learning platform for students. The course-ware is specially designed to expose students to blockchain and gradually increase their level.

In summary we could say, that the Era Swap Ecosystem is a very interesting project with different parts. The Era Swap user could earn tokens by providing its service on the marketplace. The user will get education and will get the best deals from various crypto exchanges. With the wallet the user could exchange different tokens without exchange fees. The investor of Era Swap Token will be protected of high volatility of the token by smart contract. Also just few tokens will be sold so the supply of EST will be rare.
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