Era Swap: Let's Swap to Next Era

Updated on November 10, 2018

In the US alone, there are 57 million freelancers, with a turn-over of $1.4 trillion dollars a year. A large survey found that 70% of all freelancers use an online marketplaces to find work.

Let me start with a small personal STORY. I have been working as freelancer for quite some years. And freelancing came with some challenges that many will recognize. The first: Freelancing is often running or waiting. You have way more work than you can handle, OR the whole market is at a standstill. How do you balance that out? The second: How do you find the perfect assignment that fits you? I can tell you that this is even more a challenge if you are highly specialized. The easiest is using an online market-place. But these marketplaces come with a middlemen and fees.
So a solution is needed. And EraSwap creates it. EraSwap is a P2P Ecosystem for freelancers based on decentralized blockchain technology. It includes a marketplace where freelancers sell their labor in the market. It also includes the currency Era-Swap Token to pay each other, and an active community that is incentivized to maintain the platform.

Era Swap comes with clear advantages. Allow me to share the 3 most important ones.

Firstly, supply and demand find each other smoothly on the marketplace. This marketplace is global, allowing for a huge base of both clients and freelancers.
Secondly, the fees are very low because there is no middlemen. Much lower than most of the traditional platforms. This makes the rates of the freelancers more competitive. EraSwap allows for in-platform exchanges between the Era-Swap token and other currencies.
Lastly, the data stays in the hands of the owner: the freelancer.
On the website and in the whitepaper you will find an excellent explanation of Era Swap. Join Era Swap today. The Initial Token Offering started with a bonus of 33%. Don't miss this opportunity. Explore Era Swap at

Edgar Kampers works with Community Currencies and peer2peer marketplaces since 1993. In 2015 he became active as Advisor for blockchain companies. 

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