Era Swap using Blockchain to Replace the Need of Trust

Updated on November 10, 2018
The Internet gave rise to an entire online community of people from all over the world offering their services in exchange for a fee. The problem with this is that you can't always trust the person advertising the work and hence the need for middlemen arose to try and combat this. This thus lead to an increase in the proposed cost of service.
The introduction of blockchain and smart contracts opened up a door that could lead to the elimination of the costly middleman. Eraswap Technologies thus proposed a solution that would help the industry - Era Swap Token (EST). EST allows for easy and transparent transactions of time.
For the first time, an individual is able to offer their services and tokenize their time via the use of smart contracts. This aids prospective clients by reducing the cost of the middleman.
Tokens will be released for crowd sale for a limited period beyond which ESTs can only be earned on the decentralized platform, making this the ideal time to buy and hold the tokens for continued benefits. The first Stage of ITO starts from 02nd of SEP 2018 with a bonus of 33% and a lot of added advantages. Explore more on