How Buzcafe works for Era Swap community

Updated on September 05, 2019

Buzcafe is a retail marketplace created exclusively for the Era Swap community members. Buzcafe consists of a network of local retail outlets who offer exclusive services & deals to the users of the Era Swap ecosystem. The community members can buy and sell products/services in a peer to peer manner through these retail outlets and get attractive offers on shopping. Moreover, they can use ES (Era Swap Token) for easy and secure payments at these local shops. 

Buzcafe marketplace has been designed to provide the convenience of local shopping along with ease of access and personalised offers to the Era Swap community. It aims to make shopping fun, while giving the users an opportunity to leverage the benefit of socialization while purchasing their favorite deals and services locally. 

Wondering how it all works? How do Buzcafe users get the best exclusive deals and offers for local shopping? Let’s find out. 

Buzcafe platform has two main components: Shoppers (buyers) and shop owners (sellers). 

Buzcafe Shop owners or retails outlets or sellers 

Any local shop owner can register on the Buzcafe platform as a retail outlet. They will become a part of the Buzcafe’s vast network of retail outlets located worldwide. As a retail outlet, a shopkeeper can offer their services and products to era swap community users with exclusive deals and offers. 

The benefits for Buzcafe retail outlets include increased popularity and sales, secure payments and interesting rewards. 

Buzcafe outlets get the facility to manage their accounts via a web app. They can use the web app to create and manage coupons, see the number of visitors to the shop, manage payments, etc. 

Buzcafe Shoppers or buyers 

Era swap community members can see the details of Buzcafe retail outlets in their local area by using a web app. The Buzcafe web app integrates all the associated retail outlets along with the offers and deals being offered by these shops. The detail of each outlet along with the location is present in the web app.

Era swap users can explore the best offers and opportunities from various nearby Buzcafe retail outlets. Then, they can visit a local outlet to buy the products or services they want. The buyers get the convenience of shopping locally along with easy and secure payments via ES. They can also schedule meet-ups with their friends at any local outlet and get together while enjoying stress-free shopping. 

Buzcafe retail outlets can be used by community members for deals & offers on multiple activities.

So, the next time you plan to shop locally, be sure to check out the personalized deals on your Buzcafe. Shop owners who wish to avail the benefits and rewards of the Buzcafe program can join today at