How do you get rewarded regularly as Day Swappers?

Updated on September 07, 2019

Day Swappers are exclusive members of the Time Swappers platform where they contribute to building and growing communities driving the growth of the overall ecosystem. Day Swappers are a very crucial part of the platform and therefore, they are rewarded handsomely for their contribution and time. Here’s how Day Swappers are Rewarded on Time Swappers.

How Day Swappers Rewards Work 

Day Swappers is a referral program under which an existing Day Swappers community member can invite others (social connects, friends, etc.) to join the Time Swappers platform as Day Swappers in order to build and grow their own communities. 

Day Swappers get rewarded based on their activity, contribution level, community strength and engagement, all of which are determined according to the Day Swappers Influence Chart. Here’s how.  

There are total 8 levels in the Day Swappers influence chart, starting from the 0 level or Basic level. New Day Swappers who have just joined the platform or have less than 5 subscribers in a month are added to this level. 

The second level or Level 1 is for those active Day Swappers who have managed to add 5 or more subscribers in a given month. 20% of the Day Swappers reward tokens are rewarded among these users. 

Subscribers are new members added by existing members (Day Swappers) directly or indirectly. 

Similarly, the next level or Level 2 is for more active Day Swappers who have added 20 or more subscribers in the given month. The rewards are more, i.e. 40% of the Day Swappers rewards for the level 2 members.

Similarly there are 8 levels in Day Swappers and their rewards depicted in the Day Swappers influence chart. 

An existing or new Day Swappers member can move up the level chart by contributing more to the community, or in other words, by adding more new subscribers to the Time Swappers platforms. The rewards are highest for the Level 7 members who get rewarded with 90% of the token pool, in addition to 2% of Leadership bonus.

There are some rules and conditions which every Day Swappers community member must follow:

Only active members will be liable to get rewarded.

Only the members who make monthly transactions worth $7.5 of Era Swap Tokens (EST) on the Time Swappers platform will be considered active.

Rewards are distributed automatically for eligible Day Swappers every month by the Smart Contract from NRT Pool.

Rewards will be released in the form of 50% liquid tokens and 50% in TimeAlly Contract.

Rewards will be given based on the overall volume of trade done by your community in a given month.

There is no limit on adding new members to the Time Swappers platform. 

Day Swappers get rewarded for adding new members to the community and helping the platform grow. The more active and engaged you’re on the Time Swappers platform, the more rewards you can earn. Enroll today as Day Swappers on for a rewarding career tomorrow.