How is Era Swap helping Local Merchants & Shoppers through a Convenient P2P Marketplace?

Updated on September 05, 2019

In the current fast-paced environment, finding the best deals, attractive discounts, and services in local areas is not an easy task for individuals. Any individual has to put efforts and time while finding the best deals in his/her locality by roaming around multiple shops or subscribing to varied online apps, who charge additional fees for the same.


Seeing such problems, Era Swap has created a convenient solution, called BuzCafe, for its ecosystem users. BuzCafe is a P2P marketplace where anyone can register as a Buzcafe retailer to sell their services/products directly to the Era Swap Community members, enabling them to find and avail the best shopping deals in their local areas.


In other words, BuzCafe is a P2P network of local retail outlets and merchants that will offer exclusive deals, discounts, and services (for booking of Flights, Hotel, Cabs, Buses, Holidays, Utility Bill Payment, e-cash transfer) to the Era Swap community members (shoppers).


This is a marketplace where members of self-sustaining Era Swap ecosystem will have easy access to local retail outlets and other merchants offering attractive discounts and offers to them. Local merchants and retail outlets will also be allowed to see the number of customer footfalls, manager their discount coupons, and add or delete different user accounts.


Why should Local Merchants & Retail Businesses partner with BuzCafe P2P Marketplace?


Well, the local merchants and retail outlets will be rewarded with ES(Era Swap) for listing on the BuzCafe platform. The platform will give up to 2.5% reward from its NRT (newly released tokens) pool to businesses listed on the BuzCafe platform.


Out of this 2.5% token, 0.5% tokens will be distributed to business owners for registering as BuzCafe outlets, whereas the remaining 2% will be distributed to BuzCafe outlets in accordance to their active participation or volume of trade done on BuzCafe platform. Therefore, the local merchants will have an opportunity to increase business.


Partnering or joining BuzCafe will allow the local retail businesses to expand their business and find new clients or customers, who are already part of the Era Swap community by offering them services at discounted prices.


A platform fuel fee of 0.5%  will be charged inform of Era Swap(ES) for each transaction made by the users on the BuzCafe platform, which is to keep the Marketplace operational and maintain its quality. 



BuzCafe is also a part of the transparent and self-sustaining Era Swap ecosystem. The ES tokens can be utilized by the community users for the exchange of P2P services, availing discounts, getting rewards, and much more on multiple platforms that are part of the Era Swap ecosystem. The users can exchange services like P2P lending and borrowing, freelancing, day to day household services, prediction, education, affiliate program, discount, etc.


Have you been looking for an honest, transparent and rewarding P2P network of retail outlets and merchants? Join BuzCafe - a convenient marketplace offered by EraSwap Ecosystem to the local merchants & retail businesses, and its community members.

Visit: for more details about BuzCafe.