How Time Swappers platform works for any service provider and services seeker

Updated on September 05, 2019

Time Swappers is a peer-to-peer marketplace that enables a transparent and fair exchange of services between buyers and sellers. Traders on Time Swappers platform can buy and sell services in the form of tokenize time and will use ES (Era Swap Token) for making payments and availing discounts. 

Both service providers and service seekers are called Time Traders on Time Swappers platform. This is because they buy/sell services in the form of per unit time. 

Service Providers (Seller) 

A Service Provider is an individual who has registered on the Time Swappers platform as a seller of services. It can be a freelancer or a merchant selling specific services. The benefits for service providers include complete credibility & transparency in transactions, timely and fair payments, very low escrow fee, sharing in profits, etc. 

To be able to sell services via Time Swappers, a service provider must register as a seller on the platform. Each seller has to pay a nominal, one-time subscription fee of 35 ES at the time of registration. To become verified seller however a seller can register free also. 

After registration, a seller can log in to their Time Swappers account and start building their professional profile, including all the details of their career, experience, educational background, certifications, etc. Then, they can list their service/s on the platform. Each service must be accompanied by a price in the form of ES per unit time. For instance, if you provide writing services, you need to quote your ES price per hour while listing on the platform. 

To give their profiles a better outlook and attract more attention, service providers on Time Swappers platform also have the option to connect to their network through swppers wall, an inhouse social platform available on timeswappers platform.

Service Seekers (Buyer)

These are the individuals who seek to buy services from a reliable service provider. They can register on the Time Swappers platform as a buyer and start availing services from the available options. The benefits for service seekers include reliable and high-quality services, transparency in transactions, option to directly (p2p) communicate/negotiate with the seller, payments only after service delivery, satisfaction, effective dispute resolution, etc. 

In order to find and avail services via Time Swappers, a service seeker must first register on the platform as a buyer. Then, they can start exploring the available options. For e.g., if you are looking to hire the services of a writer, you can search for the same on the platform. Then, you can check out the profiles (qualification, experience, etc.) of individual service providers. Once you find the right person for the job, you can directly contact them and discuss your project and price. 

Once the deal is made, you (service seeker) must make the payment in ES, which will be stored in an escrow wallet controlled by a smart contract. Upon confirmation, the service provider will start working on your project. Once the final service is delivered to the buyer and the same is validated from both ends (buyer and seller), the smart contract automatically will release the payment to the service provider (seller) after deducting a minimal escrow fee. 

As you can see, the process of extending and availing services via Time Swappers is quite easy, more or less the same as any standard freelancing platform, except for the fact that there is complete transparency in transactions and payments are 100% secure. Also, there are dedicated individuals called Curators (as conservators here) who are responsible to resolve any dispute arising between the trading parties on the platform in a fair manner. 

Era Swap Ecosystem (ESE) also believes in sharing the profits with the community. Time Traders (both service sellers and buyers) can claim interesting rewards from NRT (Nealy Released Token) pool based on their trade volume and contribution each month. 

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