Interlinked components of Blockchain based P2P Marketplace Era Swap

Updated on September 07, 2019

Era Swap is an ecosystem which consists of a number of apps designed to facilitate a truly peer-to-peer, secure and transparent system for the exchange of freelance services in the form of tokenized time. 

The Era Swap ecosystem uses blockchain technology for establishing a transparent marketplace for freelancers (service providers) to trade their services/time for the best and fair price. The system is comprised of several components, which are carefully crafted to address different issues, such as management of growing demand, increasing usage, increasing the adoption, etc. 

Era Swap(ES) is the native utility token of the Era Swap ecosystem  which connects all the apps in the system and provides a convenient, secure and verifiable means for payment. 

What are the different components of the Era Swap Ecosystem? 

Time Swappers 

It is a blockchain-powered p2p marketplace within the Era Swap Ecosystem(ESE), which enables sellers (service providers/ freelancers) and buyers to connect and trade through a reliable, transparent and middleman-free system in the form of tokenized time. 

Tokenized time here refers to the mechanism where services providers charge their fee in the form of price per unit time (ES/hour), which will be processed through the Era Swap Token (ES). The benefit of using ES is that the payments will be completely traceable and transparent. 

Time Traders (buyers and sellers), Curators (individuals assigned to resolve the disputes, and Day Swappers (active members helping the platform grow) are the three major components of the Time Swappers platform. 

Era Swap Wallet 

Era Swap wallet is a decentralized digital wallet application designed as an integral tool for a solid and secure payment system for the apps within the Era Swap ecosystem. Era Swap wallet can be used for storing, managing and transacting digital assets such as ES. One outstanding feature of the wallet is that it supports multiple types of digital assets, including all major currencies. The wallet is designed to be very secure, as it is integrated with 2FA (two-factor authentication) along with CCSS (Cryptocurrency Security Standard) 


ComputeEx is a one-in-all digital asset exchange platform which provides the best token price/deals from various crypto exchanges across the internet. ComputeEx fetches live prices of multiple top digital assets in real time and enables Era Swap users to buy/sell their assets for high returns without having to create accounts separately on different exchanges. 

Other than ComputeEx digital exchange, other ComputeEx services include inbuilt ComputeEx Wallet (for digital asset storage) and ComputeEx P2P Lend & Borrow (for low-interest P2P loans through digital assets). 


TimeAlly is a carefully designed smart contract whose main purpose is to mitigate the volatility of EST. TimeAlly smart contracts control the token volatility in the following two ways:

 Limiting the supply by rewarding users to lock their tokens in TimeAlly

Increasing the token demand through a number of market-linked platforms such as Time Swappers, Buzcafe, Betdeex where utility is promoted. 

Other than controlling the demand-supply dynamics of EST, TimeAlly also manages the reward distribution system within the Era Swap Ecosystem. 


Blocklogy is a mobile app crafted with the purpose to impart complete, career-focused and cost-effective blockchain education to everyone who wants to build a career in this industry. 

Other than the five major components, the system also consists of multiple sub-apps, including Buzcafe, BetdeEx, KMX (digital exchange), etc., which are designed to offer services and solutios to users and hence increase the utility and usage of  Era Swap (ES). Visit - to become a part of Era Swap community.