Power Tokens - Decentralized Transparent Reward System

Updated on November 06, 2018
As per the scientist we are living in the Golden Era of Human Evolution and we are going to become the Type - I civilization very soon based on Kardashev Scale. Being born and living in the 21st century is both a boon and a curse. On one hand we are able to implement the knowledge gained over thousands of years by humanity on the other hand we are so deeply engrossed in the rat race that it seems impossible to leave the race and create our own path.

The human mentality starts from ‘I, Me and Mine”. This is the stage where every person is occupied within himself and his actions are concentrated to benefit himself for e.g. my house, my car, my job etc.
The second level is where the thoughts become a little more wider starting from ‘We, Us and Ours’. Here the person actually thinks about the benefit of a community for e.g. Our team, our family, our house, our country etc.
The ultimate level comes when people start thinking about others which starts from “They, Them and Theirs”.  This is the level where people start thinking about benefits of others or humanity as a whole and starts working to improve it.

Very few people are able to reach to the third level as they think that they have to become super rich or super powerful to even start thinking about that. 95% of the people die unsatisfied without making it big. Now imagine a non-political environment where wealth and power can be redistributed and people start to think about “They, Them and Theirs” then it becomes a truly global community.
Imagine a new ecosystem where powerful people can support and appreciate new talents & skills in an unbiased form. If this system can be implemented, then many new skills and talents can be nurtured, groomed and appreciated which will give them the confidence and support to make it big!

Era Swap Ecosystem provides the opportunity to redistribute the power and wealth among the community members so that everyone in the community can help each other to contribute to the society and humanity and lift each other. 
Power Tokens have been created keeping the same in mind. It is a reward system within the Era Swap Ecosystem to appreciate the new talents and skills. Power Tokens can be awarded to the community members who are adding value to the Era Swap Ecosystem and doing a good job.
In the Era Swap Ecosystem, 10% of the Newly Released Tokens are distributed as Power Tokens to the TimeAlly members. The distribution will be based on the number of tokens they are holding in the TimeAlly contract. TimeAlly members who will receive the Power Tokens cannot use it for themselves. They have to distribute it to the community members within 30 days. If not distributed within 30 days, these Power Tokens will be burnt.

As this is a transparent system, everyone on the platform can see how the power tokens are being distributed therefore, the allocation of the power tokens should match with the receivers’ reputation. In order to reduce the biased distribution of the Power tokens, there are certain rules in place.
1. A maximum of 15% of the total Power Tokens received by the TimeAlly member can be given to anyone community member as a reward. This system will ensure that the Power Tokens gets distributed to maximum number of community members instead of being given to one member. 
2. Power Tokens cannot be given to the same community member again by the TimeAlly member within 60 days. This system is to ensure that the distribution of Power Tokens reaches to a wide variety of community members.

Community members who will receive the Power Tokens as an award from the TimeAlly members will get 50% in liquid tokens and 50% in TimeAlly contract. Therefore, Power Tokens will help and promote new skills and talents, will reward them for doing a good job and motivate them to do better in future!

Visit www.eraswaptoken.io for more details. 

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