Swappers Wall - Social Community features embedded with Time Trading platform

Updated on November 13, 2018
Swappers Wall is a Blockchain based  social networking platform that promotes and facilitates interaction between friends, family, and colleagues where everyone can earn Era Swap token as rewards. 

The goal of Swappers Wall  is to connect people to their stories, posts, videos or photos, etc.  

Swappers wall is part of a Time Swappers user’s profile where the user can post status updates and receive messages from friends. The wall is a public portion of a user's profile which  user's friends are able to see. The wall also shows updates of a user's recent activity such as comments the user has posted on other friends' walls, the user's status updates and who the user has recently friended. 

The Swappers wall has many interactive features like :
Friends can respond to wall posts publicly (wall-to-wall), or privately through a private message.All the message recipient's friends can also comment on the wall post.
Opening up Instant Articles will allow any publisher to tell great stories that load quickly, to people all over the world.
The Wall is originally intended as a sort of whiteboard. User can change or delete what was already there, but users generally prefer to post new content at the top. 
And many more...

How Swappers Wall is different 
On Swappers  wall you get rewarded for publishing your own article ,photos and videos,  and also for likes,comments and Follow. Here you can earn for every single like. One user can receive  multiple like from one sender,  If someone likes you 1000 times you will be rewarded as 1000 EraSwap tokens from the same sender. So Swapper wall helps you to Monetize your Social Activities.

Very soon we are launching this, so do not miss to on-board on Swappers Wall Today 
For more details visit https://eraswaptoken.io/

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