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Updated on November 10, 2018
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Freelancer - this word might have come across you several time but have you thought about who are they? What they do? How to trust them?
Freelancers are a group of people who leverage their skills and work for themselves.

Freelancer can be anybody, maybe the person sitting next to you working on the laptop; can be a freelancer in his leisure time or the lady you met this evening in coffee shop; can be the best content writer of her own kind, maybe you too have the ability to be the best of freelancer, ever thought in this way. 

But the problem with the conventional freelancing is: 
How to trust the freelancer or the employer? 
Is the payment secured? 
Is the freelancer capable of doing the job?
and many more...

Solving these issue, Era Swap is stepping ahead to develop a community of freelancer, a marketplace where anything is possible, hassle free transaction without insecurities, a place where you can show your true self.

Step in with us in a new era, a new generation of freelancing leaving behind the conventional freelancing where the platform provider takes percentage on your hard work to a platform who values your skills and never asks for any percentage.

How is it possible? We are leveraging blockchain technology to develop this platform. In simpler words blockchain is a database that’s validated by a wider community, rather than a central authority. It’s a collection of records that a crowd oversees and maintains, rather than relying on a single entity. 

Every project or post which is posted on Time Swapper platform is stored as asset in a blockchain. The files shared is using IPFSaas that is IPFS as a service to store references in the blockchain rather than storing the whole data. Every project budget is stored in a smart contract to avoid insecurities. Think of an immutable system that is what we are, any data present in the system is immutable, cannot be penetrated in any manner making it secure and easy to trust on.

Every freelancer has a profile showing reviews of past projects, his experiences and last but not the least number of hours the freelancer served the community, you can book his service in advance after having a glance on the profile.

Are you a leader? Yes you are, you are a leader of your own community, Day Swapper, a crucial member of the marketplace who grows his/her community in the platform and earns a leadership bonus from it.

Think ahead, explore yourself, accept the change but the most important part is; be yourself on Time Swappers, a marketplace of future. Take the key to success and join hands let’s make it happen. Explore more on https://eraswaptoken.io 

Vansh Tah
Blockchain Developer

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