Two Organizations With A Similar Zest For Innovation Are Partnering For A Better Future

Updated on November 10, 2018
NetObjex, are the architects of the bridges that connect the physical world to the virtual one. They aim to provide companies with the most comprehensive digital platform leveraging IoT, Blockchain and AI technologies. This journey has led them to partner up with Era Swap Technologies.

NetObjex is developing futuristic blockchain powered services powered by the next-generation technology with an aim towards building an ecosystem transparent, immutable, tamper proof transactions in a digital marketplace. 

In Era Swap, NetObjex has found a partner with similar objectives.  

Era Swap Technologies is creating a digital marketplace for freelancers, where service providers and clients can transact in a secure, trust-oriented environment with full confidence which are governed by smart contracts.

Both Era Swap and NetObjex believe in providing a higher quality of service across industry domains, innovation and an improved standard of living to communities at large by leveraging emerging technologies.  The convergence of Blockchain, AI and IoT provide a synergistic interlocking set of technologies that enable this vision to unfold.

According to Raghu Bala, CEO of NetObjex,  “ERA Swap and NetObjex believe in a shared set of ideals, visions and goals towards the use of technology and social responsibility, that brings a higher purpose and meaning to our business relationship.”

Tarun Baur, CEO of Era Swap Technologies expresses his delight over this partnership in stating “We believe through this partnership with NetObjex, we are more focused than ever before in delivering on our objectives for the ERA Swap project in bringing the benefits of decentralization to the various communities we serve – to engage, empower, and enhance their quality of life”. 

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