Why are Day Swappers required?

Updated on September 05, 2019

Day Swappers is a referral program under which existing community members are rewarded for creating communities and adding new members to multiple platforms of Era Swap Ecosystem.

Time Swappers is a digital marketplace for peer to peer exchange of services in the form of per unit time. People who exchange (buy/sell) services on the marketplace are called Time Traders.

Day Swappers are exclusive members who have one core responsibility - Grow the Time Swappers platform by adding and mentoring new members.

Day Swappers are needed to ensure that the Time Swappers platform continues to grow.

Here’s how it works.

Time Swappers is a P2P marketplace where sellers and buyers can come together for a transparent and peer-to-peer exchange of services. The exchange of services on Time Swappers platform is done in the form of time. For instance, if you want to sell your services as a freelance web developer, you need to quote your ES price in per unit time (cost per hour). The payments for such services are made through ES (Era Swap Token).

As you can probably imagine, Time Traders (sellers & buyers) are an important part of the Time Swappers marketplace. These are the people who actually perform trades. Now, Time Swappers is still a new platform and not many people are aware of it. They cannot know about the various benefits of this amazing freelancing marketplace until and unless someone tells them. And what’s a better way to spread the news than ‘Word of mouth’. This is why the Day Swappers affiliate program was started.

Day Swappers are another very important part of the Time Swappers platform. These are the individuals who tell other people about the platform and the various benefits it has to offer to the freelancers and companies around the globe, recommending them to join the marketplace and perform trades. In a way, Day Swappers are the actual drivers of traffic to the platform.

Wondering how Day Swappers work?

Well, anyone who wants to gain rewards by helping others can become Day Swappers. The registration process is quite simple. Once you register on the platform, you get a unique Referral Id, which you can share with your friends, family and colleagues on social media, messages, email, or any other way and tell them about this new, P2P marketplace for the exchange of services. Basically, Day Swappers have to convince their peers (referrals) to join the platform under their community tree and do trade on the platforms.

Besides adding new members to the Time Swappers platform, Day Swappers are also supposed to mentor and guide their community members to perform more and more trades in order to win the maximum rewards. 

Day Swappers are rewarded each month based on their performance, including the number of new members added, number of trades done, etc.

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