Why to Join Time Swappers Marketplace for Freelancing?

Updated on September 05, 2019

Freelancing is a lucrative business sector for those people who love to do things on their own terms. It gives you the freedom to choose your work, quote your price and work on your own convenience. However, even the freelancing industry is not immune to problems.


One of the biggest issues today’s freelancers face is not getting the right value for their time. Even though the internet has made it extremely convenient for service providers to connect with service seekers, the existing freelance economy is still managed by third parties, who charge a significant fee for their service.


The problem with existing centralized service exchange systems is that the user (freelancer) is the one who always ends up with a loss. The freelancing platforms charge a fee in the range of 10-30% for every transaction that goes through them. This fee is borne by the user, who also gets no sharing in the profit or revenue made by the platforms.


Time Swappers Marketplace for Freelancing


Time Swappers is a peer-to-peer marketplace which has been developed as a part of the Era Swap Ecosystem (ESE) to provide a fair and transparent medium for the exchange of services. The Time Swappers platform aims to boost the income of freelancers by ensuring fair and accurate payments and will also increase their productivity through a performance-based reward system.


Wondering why you, as a Freelancer, should join Time Swappers? Here’s why.


Time Swappers is a platform where no third party is involved between the buyers and sellers, which means the transacting parties will be able to connect and communicate directly with each other, make negotiations and exchange services at the best price and on their own terms.


Time Swappers will boost the gig economy and create more self-employment opportunities for everyone through its peer-to-peer service exchange platform.


Unlike traditional centralized freelancing platforms, Time Swappers does not charge a huge commission or transaction fees from its users. The user will only have to pay a small fuel fee of 0.5% worth ES (Era Swap) for each exchange done via this platform. Apart from these, the users will also have to pay a nominal fee of $1 USD worth ES for getting registered as a service provider.


Another major benefit of using Time Swappers for service exchange is Transparency. Since the platform is built on blockchain technology, it ensures complete transparency in transactions. Moreover, the users will always have complete control over how their data is viewed, accessed or used. This is something that most of the existing freelancing networks lack.


Time Swappers Rewards


Also, Time Swappers has a carefully designed profit sharing (reward distribution) system where the time traders (service buyers and sellers) will be rewarded based on their trading activity and volume.


Using the Time Swappers platform for accessing or offering freelance services is really easy. All you have to do is sign up on the platform as a seller or buyer, create your profile, mention your service price (ES per unit of time) and pay the one-time verification fee of $1 worth ES.


Time Traders, Curators and Day Swappers are the three crucial components of the Time Swappers platform, who are rewarded with ES  based on their performance and contribution to the growth of the system.


That's not all, joining Time Swappers marketplace will also allow the users (both service providers and service seekers) to choose among the best offers/deals/options available for similar services based on their previous work, rating, and price.


Have you been looking for an honest and intermidietry free freelancing platform where you can get the right value of your services. Entroll for time swappers market place by becoming a Day Swappers at https://dayswappers.org/. Also find more details about Time Swappers at https://eraswaptoken.io/.