Era Swap is a decentralized utility token which will be used across multiple platforms of Era Swap Ecosystem - like Time Swappers, Era Swap Wallet, ComputeEx, TimeAlly, Blocklogy, BuzCafe, Swappers Wall, BetdeEx, Date Swappers, etc.

Era Swap Token is a carefully crafted reward plan based on strong tokenomics where the community will be able to generate maximum benefits by maximizing their contribution on multiple platforms integrated together.

The e-handling charges applicable on different platforms of the Era Swap Ecosystem is called Fuel.

TFC is the total fuel collected from all the platforms of the Era Swap Ecosystem. This will depend on the number of users and the volume of exchange done on multiple platforms.

TUR is the total rewards that will be generated in Workpool. This reward will be distributed to the community members based on their contribution as multiple role plays in the ESE. TUR will always be 50% of the TFC.


Era Swap Token has a very strong burning mechanism to control the supply. Tokens will be burned under these circumstances:

1. When a seller subscribes to Time Swappers platform (10% of seller subscription fee)
2. When a borrower defaults on a TimeAlly loan (remaining token in TimeAlly)
3. Unused Power Tokens (On the 30th Day)
4. Unrewarded* Tokens from NRT

Time Swappers is a peer to peer marketplace where anyone across the globe can buy / sell services. This is a middleman free platform where buyers and sellers will be able to communicate directly and trade peer to peer. Sellers will be able to save upto 95% compared to other marketplaces.

Era Swap Wallet is a decentralized wallet that supports multiple digital currencies such as BTC, ETH, and all ERC-20 tokens. It supports Hierarchical Deterministic Wallet (HD Wallet) which comes with 2FA and follows CCSS (Cryptocurrency Security Standard).

ComputeEx comes with a one stop solution to make the trading hassle free by fetching the best rates from different exchanges. In order to provide the complete solution ComputeEx has four modules.
(i) ComputeEx Exchange
(ii) Peer to Peer Lending and Borrowing
(iii) Peer to Peer Trade and (iv) ComputeEx Wallet

TimeAlly is one of the most important aspects of the Era Swap Ecosystem which meticulously controls the demand and supply dynamics. TimeAlly is a bunch of Smart Contracts which rewards token holders for locking their tokens for one and two years as per the duration they choose.

BuzCafe is a convenience solution offered to Era Swap Ecosystem users. It is a marketplace where users can buy and sell services in a Peer to Peer mode by meeting up. Further, it is also a network of retail outlets which provides exclusive deals for Era Swap community.

Blocklogy is an initiative towards making millennials future ready for the next-gen technologies and explore the unlimited possibilities. Blocklogy is an e-learning app for learning Blockchian with the scope to add next-gen frontline technologies like IOT, AI, ML, AR and VR.