Time Swappers is a blockchain based decentralized platform that redefines social media features embedded with marketplace. Users will be able to trade tokenize time and can easily find and hire service professionals to perform specific tasks and pay in Era Swap Tokens.

Time Swappers is a decentralized platform which is based on a hybrid Blockchain of Hyperledger and Ethereum. It leverages the Hyperledger Blockchain for internal transactions and Ethereum Blockchain for public transactions which makes Time Swappers platform free. It is built to provide everyone with the ability to buy and sell freely. No single person has control over Era Swap. Each user contributes to the network equally and is in control of their own services and private data

Era Swap Wallet will be a decentralized wallet which will support multiple digital currencies and will allow users to exchange a few selected tokens within the wallet to minimize transaction fee. Private keys of this wallet will be stored with the user instead of keeping it in server. It will be secured with biometric authorization and 2FA with CCSS

ComputeEx is an OTC exchange which will provide the best rates from various crypto exchanges across the world by utilizing AI Bots.

Era Swap Ecosystem uses a combination of Hyperledger, Ethereum and improvised version of Quorum Blockchain.

Era Swap community members will be able to tokenize their time and trade it on the Time Swappers platform. Community members will be rewarded through the Era Swap smart contract based on their contribution to the ecosystem.

In order to create a transparent and immutable P2P system which is trustless and unmediated, Blockchain Technology is a must. As there are multiple interlinked apps which will require secure and robust environment where blockchain becomes necessary. Blockchain uses decentralized ledger for transparency and consistency of data in form of transactions.
To create a decentralized reward system which is applicable on various platforms of the ecosystem an asset is required. This asset will fuel the multiple applications where users can exchange services in a peer to peer environment. So, the asset acts as a point of utility for the users of various platforms of the ecosystem. Hence tokenization of asset is required to be exchanged conveniently among the users as a point of utility and creating an unmediated self-sustaining ecosystem.

Era Swap Token is a decentralized utility token. This token will be used for exchange of products, services, digital assets which will provide end to end solution to the community members.
Era Swap Tokens are pre-mined and will be released through a smart contract every calendar month. Newly Released Tokens will decrease by 10% every year from its previous year. These newly released tokens will be distributed to the community members as per the NRT distribution chart based on the volume of stake/trade/work done within the ecosystem. Newly released tokens are always distributed in 50% liquid EST and 50% in TimeAlly Smart Contract.

Well, almost everyone. Picture this, if you are good at Mathematics and you want to teach in your free time, you can join the platform with $1 worth EST. You can then create your profile, and quote a price for your services and you are set. Students from across the world who want to learn Mathematics will be able to see your profile and can decide whether they want to learn from you. Unlike other platforms, Era Swap lets the two parties communicate with each other. But then, why would they want to use the platform? Well, all the Time Traders/Curators are rewarded upto 5% of the volume of trade done on the platform through the TimeAlly smart contract. This way, Time Swappers is a completely peer-to-peer platform.