Era Swap Token

A decentralized utility token which will be used across the interlinked sub-apps of Era Swap Ecosystem - like Time Swappers, Era Swap Wallet, ComputeEx, TimeAlly, Blocklogy, BuzCafe, Swappers Wall, BetdeEx, Date Swappers, etc.

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Era Swap Token



A utility token which empowers users to tokenize their time via smart contracts on a community based marketplace. Era Swap Token is used on multiple sub-apps which are interlinked together. This increases the usability and acceptance of Era Swap Token.



The uniqueness of our ecosystem offers users the ability to tokenize time as a service. EST allows peer to peer transactions and a Smart Contract based reward system which connects buyers and service providers without third party interventions on a Blockchain based market place!


Why Era Swap project was conceptualized?

The journey of Era Swap began with research from the Kmpards team—the core team behind the formation of the Era Swap Token and its ecosystem. The team determined that the current community at large needs a middle-man-free, transparent ecosystem where they can get paid directly without sharing thier hard-earned income with any third party.

To establish said platform for this worldwide community, they came up with the idea to launch the Era Swap ecosystem, which will be fueled by the native Era Swap Token. The unique token ecosystem of Era Swap defines time as a service. The first and foremost aim behind developing the Era Swap ecosystem is to provide benefits to the community.

Era Swap Token is designed to be a token of “Time For Work” via pre-defined Smart Contracts.

Era Swap Ecosystem

Time Swappers

Time Swappers is a blockchain based peer to peer marketplace that enables buyers and sellers to trade in form of tokenize time fueled by the decentralized utility token – Era Swap Token. The most important component of this platform are Time Traders – who offer and avail services, Curators – who resolve the dispute on the platform and Day Swappers – active members who help is growing and maintaining the platform.


Era Swap understands that to power the distributed community platform, there needs to be a solid and secure payment network. For this purpose, Era Swap wallet supports multiple digital currencies and is highly secured. This wallet will also allow the users to exchange a few selected tokens within the wallet so that user can save time and hassle, reduce the human error and skip different exchanges rules and requirements while moving the tokens to and from exchanges.


KMPARDS laid the foundation & seeding of the Era Swap ecosystem. The team governs all the strategies in the Era Swap ecosystem, including all the operations, executions involved, and diversifications. KMPARDS is a global organization which aims to serve the community by educating and delivering services on next generation technologies like blockchain and IoT. KMPARDS aims to be one of the leading tech organization, competent to deliver successful products from scratch to screech.

KMPARDS also offers to deliver global end to end solutions for the clients with complete research, development and related services on the high end technologies. KMPARDS is the seeding organization for Era Swap ecosystem.


TimeAlly is a meticulously crafted smart contract to reduce the volatility of EST. It rewards users who choose to lock their tokens in the smart contract according to their vesting periods. Of all the rewards by Era Swap, 50% are given up front in liquid tokens and 50% are routed through TimeAlly over a period of time to keep the volatility of EST in check. TimeAlly is a very crucial part of the ecosystem as it controls some of the demand-supply dynamics of the token.


Day Swappers are the modern age active members on Time Swappers Platform who help in growing and maintaining the platform by mentoring, referencing, community development, registering social connects as subscribers and disrupting the current freelancing industry.

Anybody can be a Day Swappers and can create multiple Day Swappers.


BuzCafe is a blockchain based retail outlet which provides P2P deals which are supported by a list of merchants offering exclusive deals for TimeAlly Club Members. BuzCafe provides convenience to Era Swap Token users with its ease of access and local presence. Users will be able utilize EST within the Buzcafe network without any transaction fees.


Today there are so many digital assets exchanges that it becomes difficult for a user to keep a track of rates at different exchanges. Era Swap comes with a solution by providing the best deals to Era Swap users from various digital assets exchanges across the world even though they are not registered on these exchanges. If this isn’t enough, ComputeEx offers a 50% discount if the fees is paid in EST.


Blocklogy is an e-learning platform developed by KMPARDS to educate students of all age group on Blockchain Technology. Blockchain Technology is one of the most powerful technology of 21st century which is disrupting most of the industry today. Blocklogy is an initiative in this direction to make our students future ready for the next gen technologies and explore the unlimited possibilities. Students will be able to learn about blockchain coding from basics to coding smart contracts. It starts from $1.00 USD at entry level and has 9 different levels according to the target audience. There will be a fees of $1.00 USD for getting a blockchain based certificate. This fee will be waived off for students who cannot afford it..

Era Swap Ecosystem
Token Economics

Token Economics

“Token Economics” simply refers to the economic fundamentals of the Era Swap ecosystem and the Era Swap Token. Era Swap creates a new, agile, liquid ecosystem focused on producing a transperant marketplace. This marketplace aims to build the reputation of services using digital assets for individuals and business.

EraSwap Tokenomics is based on the foundation which includes the creation, maintenance, and growth strategy for the whole community through pre-defined smart contract based reward system.

Era swap Tokenomics has been crafted very carefully keeping the demand and supply in mind along with the risk of high volatility of digital market asset.

The Supply & Demand Dynamics

token imaage

The value of any token is a function of demand and supply. Though there cannot be any guarantees about future value of tokens, we have designed our ecosystem so that each and every stakeholder benefits from it. We plan to control the supply distribution through the TimeAlly Smart Contract and carefully measured token burns. To grow the platform, several ways to create demand have been devised. Utmost care has been taken to keep the volatility in check.

Lifting The Demand
  • Time Swappers
  • Era Swap Wallet
  • Blocklogy
  • ComputeEx
  • TimeAlly
  • BuzCafe
  • Swappers Wall
  • BetDeEx
Block Block Block Block Block
Controlling The Supply
  • TimeAlly
  • Blocklogy Subscriptions
  • Time Swappers Subscriptions
  • Unused Power Tokens
  • TimeAlly Loan Defaults
  • Unrewarded Tokens


January 2019

TimeAlly Benefit Plan

February 2019


March 2019

Era Swap Version-II

March 2019

ComputeEx Launch

April 2019

Time Swappers

May 2019

Swappers Wall

June 2019

TimeAlly Power Curators

July 2019

TimeAlly Loan

September 2019

TimeAlly Insurance

November 2019

TimeAlly Club

December 2019

Time Swappers Version 2

January 2020

Value Of Farmer

February 2020

Date Swappers

Era Swap Token Use Cases


The total number of tokens generated in next 50+ years will be 9.1 Billion. Era Swap Tokens are pre-mined and released through a smart contract. New Token Release in the NRT Pool (Newly Released Token Pool) decreases by 10% every year. These tokens are distributed to all the stakeholders as per their contribution in the ecosystem. All the distributions are released on a monthly basis in the form of 50% liquid Era Swap Tokens and 50% are locked in TimeAlly.

What is Luck Pool?

Luck Pool is the pool of tokens which will be collected from the below sources:
1. The revenue generated through the advertisement on the Time Swappers platform
2. Interest collected from the TimeAlly Loans
3. Balance 2% tokens of short term one year TimeAlly Contract
4. $0.8 worth of EST from Time Swappers subscription fee from every seller
Luck Pool tokens will be merged with the Newly Released Tokens Pool and will be distributed as per the NRT Distribution.

Burn Rule

Tokens will be burned under these circumstances:

• When a seller subscribes to Time Swappers platform
• When a borrower defaults on a TimeAlly loan
• Unused Power Tokens
• Unrewarded Tokens from NRT

To reduce the disruption, burning of the number of tokens in any given month will never exceed 2% of the circulating supply for that month. In case there is a balance of tokens to be burnt, it will be carried forwarded to the next month and so on till the number to accumulated tokens are burnt.

Current Circulation of EST is 910 M

Information about the number of Tokens Released by ERA SWAP

  • Pre Sale 60.5 Million
  • Phase I 130 Million
  • Phase II 130 Million
  • Phase III 130 Million
  • Advisor Token 136.5 Million
  • Team Token 172.89 Million
  • Marketing 104.61 Million
  • Bounty & Partnership 45.5 Million

Timeally Distribution Pool

  • WorkPool 50%
  • Power Tokens 20%
  • Stakers 30%

WorkPool Distribution

  • Curators 20%
  • Time Traders 20%
  • Day Swappers Referral Bounty 50%
  • BuzCafe 10%


  • 1 Year 13%
  • 2 year 15%

Distribution of Newly
Released Tokens

  • TimeAlly 50 %
  • New Talents & Partnerships 5%
  • Platform Maintenance 10%
  • Marketing & RNR 10%
  • R & D 5%
  • KMPARDS 10%
  • Contingency Funds 10%

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